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AiHome Video Garage Door Controller

$199.00 $249.00 saving $50.00
AiHome Video Garage Door Controller

AiHome Video Garage Door Controller

$199.00 $249.00 saving $50.00

Tap a button on your smartphone to open or close your garage 

When paired with an AiHome smart button, AiHome video doorbell turns into a smart garage door controller. Open, close, or view your garage door and communicate with people in the garage with a smartphone from anywhere, never worry about forgetting to close the garage again. The controller can open any home's garage (up to four separate garage doors) because it is compatible with any brand of garage opener. Family members can set up their own account to operate the garage doors and receive notifications on their iOS or Android devices. The optional cloud video storage service requires a membership subscription. 

An unprecedented video garage door controller

Creates the best home delivery solution when combined with an AiHome video doorbell

Key Features

2-way talk, 1-way video

Monitor and chat with people in your garage without being seen.

Real-time motion detection and alert

AiHome begins recording once motion is detected. Receive instant push notifications on your smartphone.

HD camera with night vision

Live view your garage and record HD videos, day or night.

Cloud video storage

AiHome stores every video recording in your cloud account for later review.

A universal garage controller

AiHome smart button simulates a physical hand push on the original garage control panel's push bar.

Multiple users

All family members can create their own accounts.

Freedom to control from anywhere

Packed with advanced technology, AiHome gives you a new level of flexibility to monitor and control the garage door in the home and out through Wi-Fi or a cellular network. Moreover, you can grant home access to a guest without giving a key or keycode.

No blind trust

Leaving your garage door open invites unwanted visitors. With its 180 degree wide-angle lens, HD camera, night vision, and 2-way talk and one-way video feature, AiHome keeps you fully posted on all activities in your garage wherever you are.

Get mobile alerts upon motion detection

AiHome sends push notifications to your smartphone when motion is detected so that you can load a view of your garage to your smartphone immediately. In the meantime, it begins recording to your cloud storage

Smartphone receives push notification when motion is detected in the garage

Why AiHome garage controller is unique

AiHome Video Doorbell
  • Low lag

    AiHome loads an activity feed onto your device once you receive a notification.

  • Advanced motion detection

    AiHome's two-layer sensing technology ensure accurate motion detection. Adjustable detection sensitivity is available in the app.

  • Great compatiblity

    AiHome smart button presses the Push Bar on a garage control panel like how you normally would.  AiHome is compatible with any brand of garage door opener. Your existing key pad, control panel, and in-car remote will still work.

  • Versatile

    Give the controller a different task other than controlling your garage like flipping a switch or monitoring your pet or child. All of this can be accomplished from the same app.

Technical specifications

xlivebell app screenshot
  • Physical parameters

    Dimension  4.375 x1.9x1.0 (inches) (111x48x25mm)

    Weight         5.5 OZ (156g)

    Housing      IP65 plastic

    Audio           built-in speaker and microphone

    Camera      1080p HD 

    Field of View   180 degree

    Night Vision    Infrared LED

    Motion sensor  Infrared and microwave

  • Connectivity

    Wi-Fi            802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz

    Bluetooth     2.4 GHz

  • Power

    AiHome doorbell:

    Powered by your existing doorbell wire. Power parameters for AiHome to work:

    12-24VAC, 16VA( or Watt) min. 

    Check your house's transformer parameters to see if they fall into this range. 

    AiHome in a garage as a garage controller:

    DC adapter  12V,  ship to most countries

  • Operating Condition

    -40°F to 150°F