The world's first lag-free video doorbell

Answer the doorbell with your smartphone


Xlive video doorbell endures the coldest winter in history

Xlive smart video doorbell and garage door controller

Xlive is the right solution for you to answer the doorbell and operate the garage with a smartphone, from anywhere.

Xlive is equipped with innovative features to simplify your life, keep you connected to your home, and provide you with peace of mind.

How it Works

Replace your existing wired doorbell

Connect the wire of your existing doorbell to the Xlive doorbell

Download the free Xlive app

Download the app to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet. Every family member can have their own account and answer the door.

Set up Wi-Fi connection

Following the in-app instructions to register an account in the cloud server and connect the doorbell to your internet router via Wi-Fi.

Ring the doorbell

A visitor approaches your front door or rings Xlive, and you receive a motion alert on your smartphone instantly.

Answer the door

Tap the alert to see who is there, speak to him/her or ignore

Video recording and playback

When you did not read the alert on your phone while it came, then view the recorded clip from the app for any event at your door

What makes Xlive different

Xlive doorbell fixes critical issues that other big brands have:

lag in answering and loading the front door live view

intermittent and crackling video call,

narrow viewing angle

not working below 0°F

less than 1-year lifespan

See, hear, and speak to visitors in real-time

Xlive doorbell routes a vivid outdoor view to your smartphone upon receiving a push notification. Chat with visitors in real-time through Wi-Fi or a cellular network. For other brands on the market, it takes your device 7 to 10 seconds longer to bring up the camera when someone rings the doorbell. 

xlive video doorbell video call connection fast

Advanced motion detection

Xlive doorbell keeps you notified when motion is detected, whether or not the visitor presses the doorbell, so you will never miss a visitor. Its 2-layer sensing technology with adjustable sensitivity ensures accurate motion detection and ignores waving trees and bushes.

smartphone receive notification when video doorbell detects motion

More than a doorbell

Video chat with visitors at your front door on a smartphone or tablet. Open the garage door from the same app and ask the delivery man to place important packages inside the garage. Monitor your pet or child indoors and outdoors.

Speak to the delivery man to place package in garage

Automated smart light activation

Xlive deters unwanted visitors by automatically turning on a smart bulb at a pre-set time when motion is detected or when your doorbell button is pressed.

Crystal clear audio and video communication

Xlive's cutting edge video call technology and military grade signal design ensure smooth voice and visual communication. Built-in algorithms guarantee echo and noise cancellation.

Always up to date

Upgrade to the latest release of the doorbell's firmware with a single tap inside the app. Get access to upcoming features.

video door firmware can be remotely and automatically updated from the app

Xlive video doorbell features

Xlive Video Doorbell
  • 2-way talk,1-way video

    Monitor and chat with visitors without being seen using the built-in microphone and speaker

  • Built-in motion sensors

     Sends mobile alerts and starts video recording to your cloud account instantly upon motion detection

  • 1080p HD camera with night vision

    Live view your front yard and record HD videos 24/7

  • Cloud video storage

    Xlive stores every motion-activated video recording for later review in the cloud, utilizing military-level encryption to secure videos

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Held up well in the cold weather and has functioned well in the heat. Video and sounds quality are good. So are the motion sensor and night vision functions. Very impressed.

When shopping for a door bell I wanted something that compliment a Garage Opener. I can count on it to open and close my garage when I am miles away.
The speakers are perfect loud to communicate.

Very easy to install with a great app that works on my iPhone and iPad

The doorbell and garage opener make my family's life much easier

There is no product like it. I don't have any regrets buying it.