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InstaView AI Video Doorbell Camera


The best-ever smart video doorbell for modern life


InstaView wired video doorbell is an app-controlled video camera doorbell w/ HD live video feed, AI motion detection, two-way talk, one-way video, and cloud storage.

This AI-enabled high-performance Wi-Fi video camera doorbell provides you with accurate motion detection, instant alert and clear images. it uses optimized computer vision, webRTC technology and cloud service to recognize human body, shorten response time and deliver real-time live feed, alert notifications and video recording, with no lag and false alerts. You'll be able to know all actions at your front door and see, talk to visitors from anywhere, anytime through a smartphone or tablet. BTW, there is a subscription for cloud video recording at $2.38/month, no contract, pay as you need it.



AI motion detection
Sends you a motion alert only when a human shape shows up
Starts recording before sending an alert
The smallest
Fit on the narrow door frame
Lag-free live view, live chat and motion alert

2-way talk,1-way video
Built-in speaker and microphone, see the visitor but not be seen

1080p lens, night vision
Clear HD live view and video recording, fish-eye lens to see 360° angle

Works in Extreme Weather: -70°F to +150°F. Metal enclosure

Multiple users
All family members can create their own accounts and answer the door simultaneously

Home security starts at your front door


Video Camera 1080p HD 360° fisheye lens with Night vision
Audio built-in speaker and microphone with noise and echo reduction
Power Hardwired 16-24 VAC, 16 VA, or powered by an InstaView wall adapter
Connectivity 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz and 5GHz
Operating conditions -70°F to 150°F Weather-resistant
Dimension 1.5 x 0.9 x 4.3 ( inches )
Field of View 360°
Night Vision Infrared LED
Motion Detecor AI computer vision
Housing Anti-rust metal

InstaView Recorded Videos

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